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2017 Glendo Trip Information

2017 S’mores at Heart Camping Trip – August 11-13

Happy Campers,

Laura and I are getting fired up for the Fourth Annual S’mores at Heart Camping Trip. Here’s the weekend plan divided into several parts. Sorry for the long message but there is a lot of into to pass along. The boating info is especially important for those planning to paddle. This year’s trip is very similar to the last, however we were not able to reserve a picnic shelter this year.

GATHERING CAMP SITES: I am unable to reserve a picnic shelter this year, so our plan now is to pick two adjoining campsites and use these as our gathering place. Not sure where these will be, but Two Moon campground is small enough that we can easily spot each other. If you don’t pick a campsite near the gathering site the area is compact enough so that you will still be nearby.

CARPOOL – “Talk among yourselves” about carpooling and sharing campsites. As we get closer to departure Laura and I will connect people interested in carpooling-so let us know.

CAMPING – At the Glendo State Park entrance booth, everyone will pay their own entrance fee. You’ll get a map showing the Two Moon West campground . Unless you reserve a site online, you can pick a site when you arrive. Some sites are reserved, but most are first come first served. Unlike CO parks you are not assigned a numbered site unless you make a reservation online. If you have a camper that requires a pull through, it’s best to reserve a site. If you are arriving late, let Bill or Laura know by Thursday morning (phone coverage is spotty at Glendo), and we can try to save a site for you. If the campsite is more crowded than usual we may need to share a site with two families/individuals.

Glendo reservation webpage: http://travel.wyo-park.com/campgrounds-and-rv-parks/all/glendo-state-park/reservations

Campsites have picnic tables, fire rings, and level tent sites. Water, trash and latrines are scattered throughout the camp. The nearby village of Glendo has a store with gas, ice, groceries, and all the camping essentials.

MOTELS: Not a camper? The nearest motels are in Wheatland, WY, about 35 miles from Two Moon Campground via I-25. There is the Wyoming Motel Wheatland, a Super 8, and a Motel 6. Last year several people said the motel option worked fine inspite of the distance.

WHAT TO PACK: musical instruments, telescope or binoculars for stargazing, frisbees, lawn games like bean bag, bicycles, folding chairs, and a folding table if possible for the potlucks. If you have one, a pop up canopy may be nice for shade and rain protection at the gathering sites. Paddlers need to bring specific gear listed below under “IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO PADDLE THE RIVER.”

WEATHER: could be anything…it’s Wyoming! However, days are usually hot and breezy with a chance of thundershowers in the afternoon. We have had pea size hail on two occasions. Nights are usually in the 50’s. Most campsites have shady spots.

FOOD – On Friday night you may eat on your own, possibly on the drive up, or simply find one another at Two Moon and we will have an informal picnic together. Wheatland, WY has about the only fast food between Cheyenne and Glendo. On Saturday, paddlers will need a quick breakfast for an early start, and a lunch for the river. We will have a potluck dinner on Saturday night with a couple of stoves and grills to share. Laura will cook up her famous blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning, so bring potluck breakfasty items to share (simple’s fine!). We will have several stoves for breakfast.

SCHEDULE – Arrive on Friday afternoon or evening.  (Note Bill and Laura are planning to go up on Thurs. night). Find the group gathering site in Two Moon. Pick your own site or share with part of our group. Paddlers will have a meeting at 7:15 PM Friday evening at the gathering site to plan for shuttling people, boats and gear-“it’s complicated.”  On Saturday, paddlers will meet at the gathering site at 7 AM sharp. If you aren’t paddling, the day is yours to spend with other church friends: swim beach, hike, cycle on or off road (there’s even a mini-BMX track for kids), picnic. On Saturday evening at about 7 PM we’ll gather for potluck with campfire and social time after. Incredible stargazing promised for Sat. night . On Sunday we will gather at 8:30 AM for a potluck breakfast followed by worship at 9:30 AM. After worship we can go home directly or team up with others for more park activities.  “Check out” from the campsite is 11:00, but they aren’t rigid about that. If you want to stay and play at the park/lake in the afternoon, you’re supposed to pay an additional day use fee, and you can run up to the entrance booth to do that if you didn’t do that at initial check in.

IF YOU ARE BRINGING A BOAT – Wyoming has strict aquatic invasive laws (AIS). Please go to the state AIS site and follow instructions carefully-link below. Basically you need to pay a $15 fee online for your decal and print your receipt. The decal will come by mail but most people just keep the paper receipt instead of putting a decal on their boats.  Then take the receipt to an inspection station at the state border (at the first rest area, open til 7 p.m.), or in Glendo-sites and hours listed on website. The inspector will look at your boat and give you another receipt showing you’ve been inspected. Keep both pieces of paper with your boat on the river in case you get checked.  https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Fishing-and-Boating/Aquatic-Invasive-Species-Prevention/AIS-Decal

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO PADDLE THE RIVER – If you want to paddle, but don’t have a boat, contact Bill (970.420.5983), and we will try to find a seat for you in a boat. If possible you will need to bring a PFD/life vest, paddle, dry bag, and appropriate gear for a long day on the water and possible thunderstorms/hail with cool temps. Avoid cotton clothing-it dries slowly and chills you when wet. Wear sturdy sandals, old sneakers or similar that you can swim in and that are ok for climbing on rocky riversides-avoid flip-flops-they don’t work. Bring a rain jacket and a light fleece jacket or similar-thunderstorms, hailstorms(!) and accidental swims can be chilling. Bring sun protection, sunglasses, lunch, and plenty of water. “Croakies” (glasses retainer straps) are a good idea if you have expensive glasses-get them at outdoor stores or Wal-Mart.

Bill & Laura Stout 970.420.5983