Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Adult Education | Understanding Spiritual Gifts

Class times: April 8 through May 13, 9:50 in classroom 1.

Paul writes that the way we are to “do church” is for each of us to exercise our spiritual gift, or “charism”. But he gives a different list of charisms to each church that he writes to. How do we know which ones are right for HRCC? To decide this we need to understand what Paul means by “charism”. We will look at some present-day social science models that may help us understand Paul’s thinking, and this inquiry will take us straight to the heart of the gospel. Using this understanding, the class will produce a list of charisms that are appropriate for HRCC, and we will try to define what each of those charisms consists of, and we will talk about how each of us can discern what our own spiritual gift is.

Led by Rob Daniel.