Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Adult Education | DISCIPLE I

DISCIPLE I is a 34 week study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Kicked-off on September 13, meeting Thursdays from 1:30 – 4 p.m. in Room 1.

The study is designed to give people an overview of the Bible in its entirety. The study sets the Bible up in chronological order. We then weave our way through the stories and adventures of the ancient Hebrews and early Church as they attempt to understand God and how God worked in their lives. We then use that learning to explore our own experiences of God and our personal faith.

We spend 17 weeks in the Hebrew Scriptures and 17 weeks in the New Testament (with breaks for Holidays, spring break). The class includes reading daily, a weekly class, movies, discussion, drawing, we even have a little play. Anyone who has read the Bible, anyone who has never read the Bible, knows everything, knows absolutely nothing, you are all perfect for DISCIPLE I. Contact Rachel Chappell.