Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Pastoral Care Coverage this Fall

At Heart of the Rockies Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), our Elders are vital to our spiritual life. Elders are nominated and elected by the congregation to serve two-year terms (with a maximum of six consecutive years of service). Per our by-laws: Elders are those in whom, like the pastoral staff, the congregation entrusts the spiritual life of its members and friends for prayer, guidance, and service.

In practice, our Elders are consistent pray-ers—for our congregation and the individuals in it—and faithful discerners. Historically, they’ve led our congregation through tough, important conversations, and they’ve been patient listeners and thoughtful facilitators in times of transition or conflict.

Day-to-day, our Elders are available to:

  • Pray with folks in need, via phone, email, or in-person
  • Visit—in the hospital or in homes or at a coffeeshop—by request
  • Write notes of caring and concern
  • Call and check-in (not check up!) on folks

This fall, while our pastor, Melissa, is on sabbatical, our Elders will play an even more vital role in pastoral care. They’ll come alongside our pastor, Daniel, and our commissioned minister, Donna Greene, to ensure needs that arise are met with compassion, care, kindness, and prayer.

You’re welcome to call the church office (223-1230) when a need arises; you may also contact directly one of the Elders on call that week. Judy Chapman is the chair of our Elders.

Please call the church office to receive the number of the elder on call or refer to your church directory.

Week of Elder Elder
September 9 J Lundgren Alice Austin
September 16 Bev Soucek Patsy Nix
September 23 Bill Stout J Lundgren
September 30 David Hartley Bill Stout
October 7 Ethan Dexter Alice Austin
October 14 Judy Chapman Bill Stout
October 21 Greg Nottingham David Hartley
October 28 Donna Greene Ethan Dexter
November 4 Sharon Kunze J Lundgren
November 11 Alice Austin Judy Chapman
November 18 Judy Chapman Ethan Dexter
November 25 Bill Stout Bev Soucek
December 2 David Hartley Ethan Dexter
December 9 Ethan Dexter David Hartley
December 16 Bev Soucek Donna Greene
December 23 J Lundgren Judy Chapman
December 30 Alice Austin Sharon Kunze