Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Fellowship | S’mores at Heart

We’ll plan to camp at the same location: Glendo State Park, Two Moons Campground from Friday, August 9 – Sunday, August 11.

April 9 is the first date to be able to reserve campsites/yurts/the shelter. If you’re a family/couple/single person who yearns for yurt-living, we suggest you plan to reserve one of those yurts as soon as you can on the 9th (midnight!). To make reservations click here. We are planning to be at TMW43 Shelter on the map, in case you want to find a campsite nearby.

As far as reserving campsites, a reminder that only about 30% of the campsites at Two Moon are able to be reserved, the rest are first come, first serve. Except for the year of the eclipse, we’ve never had problems finding some kind of campsite at Two Moon without a reservations. But if you have a specific need – a pull through RV-site, a yearning for a view, a need for certainty, etc., early reservations may help you get the site you want.

If you have any questions contact Laura & Bill Stout.