Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Adult Education | Who is Paul, Really? Another Look at the Letters

Sunday Education Hour (9-9:50 a.m.)
September 13 – October 18

Based on a new book by Disciples of Christ pastor and professor, Eric Smith, we’ll revisit the Apostle Paul and the letters in light of modern biblical scholarship. Learn more about what Paul’s ministry would’ve really meant in his day as he challenged norms, broke down barriers of gender and ethnicity, and re-imagined God’s plan for the world in terms of radical inclusion and salvation available to everyone. And listen for how Paul’s ministry can shape our own understanding of the importance of working for justice and inclusion. Facilitated by Daniel Lyvers, Erin Tyler, and Melissa St. Clair. Contact the office (970-223-1230) for the Zoom link.