Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Adult Education | “What Does Revelation Reveal? Unlocking the Mystery”

Mondays, January 11 – March 1
from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

With so many horrible and difficult things happening all around us, it is not uncommon to hear someone say, “It feels like the end of the world!” 

It is not hard to see how people feel desperate and hopeless in these times. Turning to scripture is a natural response for Christians. Unfortunately, Revelation can be scary, confusing, crazy-sounding, or even impossible to understand. Naturally in these circumstances, people might assume the book says what it does not say at all. The good news is, Revelation is packed with important messages of hope, strength, endurance, and comfort.

The class will be facilitated by Rachel Chappell, and Donna Greene, and will meet online, for eight sessions. Resources needed for the class include your Bible, and Dr. Warren Carter’s book, What Does Revelation Reveal? Unlocking the Mystery (Abingdon, 2011). Dr. Carter’s book contains a wealth of scholarly material for interpreting Revelation, and his target audience is anyone who wishes to read Revelation in its proper context, in order to apply its message to their current context. Dr. Carter is a renown New Testament scholar, and has graciously agreed to join our last class for a “Q&A with the Author.” Join us during the season of Epiphany as we turn to Revelation to explore the question of “What is God revealing to us?”

We will make our way through Dr. Warren Carter’s book, What Does Revelation Reveal? Unlocking the Mystery (Abingdon, 2011) according to following weekly reading schedule:

Week1 –  Preface and Chapters 1-2 and (Revelation 1) 

Week 2 – Chapters 3-4 and (Revelation 2-3) 

Week 3 – Chapter 5 and (Revelation 4-5) 

Week 4 – Chapter 6 and (Revelation 6-8:5) 

Week 5 – Chapter 7 and (Revelation 8-11) 

Week 6 – Chapter 8 and (Revelation 12-14) 

Week 7 – Chapter 9 and (Revelation 15-18) 

Week 8 – Chapter 10 and (Revelation 19-22)

Dr. Carter will be joining us for our final class in Week 8. Please email Donna Greene  if you would like assistance with ordering or purchasing the book.