Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Administration | Pre-Search Team Update

The Pre-Search Team has been hard at work since early March. We have been meeting, discussing, researching and brain-storming about steps that should be taken before we proceed with calling a new member of our staff.
 In the next few weeks we will be holding small group meetings with the teams that make up our church leadership – the Board, the Elders, our Staff, and our Personnel Committee – with the goal of gathering input about our church’s immediate and future needs, areas for growth, what we’ve learned during the pandemic and about our staffing configuration. We will be sharing additional information with the congregation sometime later in June. Our goal is to be prepared to move forward by sometime in August.

Many thanks for the hard work, creative energy and dedication from our Pre-Search Team members: David Hartley, Aaron Iverson, Joann Johnson (Leader), Caitlin Miskelly, Stacy Poncelow (Ex-Officio), Cassie Poncelow, Bill Stout, Lynnette Thayer and Melissa St. Clair (Ex-Officio).