Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Outreach | Afghan Family Resettlement Update

The family is adapting nicely to life in Fort Collins. Your generosity has allowed us to purchase school clothes for the children (including boots and gloves, thanks to Chris Adams and Jax), and they seem to be enjoying school. Karen Smith continues to tutor the parents in English. We have learned that the father worked in construction in Afghanistan, so let us know if you have any ideas about employment in the construction industry. Also, the family will need a vehicle in the next few weeks, so if you know of a used vehicle in good condition, let us know. A mini-van or larger SUV would be needed for the family of six. 

A second family has arrived safely in Fort Collins and is staying in an Airbnb until early February when they will move to more permanent housing. The family of two parents and six children (including a baby born in December!), is sponsored by the African Community Council (where Amy Austin works). Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church is the co-sponsor, with support from Heart of the Rockies. The father, a former helicopter pilot for the Afghan military, speaks very good English. He is looking for a job (“I’ll do anything!”), so please keep him in mind if you know of any possibilities.   

Contact:  Jeff Wright