Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Sharon Kunze Receives MCC – San Diego Lovedy Gilbert Award

On Sunday, May 8, Sharon Kunze, who has worshiped with MCC – San Diego in person and now does so faithfully online from Fort Collins, Colorado, became the 24th recipient of their Lovedy Gilbert Compassionate Heart Award. To her gracious surprise, she learned of her award by tuning in Sunday morning – after her weekly worship at a nearby Methodist church. Her reaction? In her own words via email:
“I was truly touched to receive the award. The words you used during the presentation, Pastor Dan, brought joyful tears to my eyes. I shall treasure the award with love and gratitude in my heart, for you, and for my San Diego church family. 

Sharon, a long-time, faithful member at Heart of the Rockies Christian Church, currently serves as a faithful elder and choir member.

Sharon Kunze Makes a Joyful Noise
by Mo McElroy

One might call it fate, destiny or just good luck. Sharon Kunze calls it Divine Intervention. With the goal to get out of the Colorado cold, she and her mother searched Expedia for a warm place to spend the winter of 2016. Little did they know that the recommendation would lead them not only to a comfy Mission Bay Best Western, but also to a new church home right across the street. “I absolutely loved MCC immediately,” she shared. “The welcome was so warm and we loved the diversity (of the congregation).”

Eying the MetLlink announcement for Tuesday choir practice, Sharon gleefully joined the choir. “I love to sing more than anything,” she said. “I love making music with others and harmonizing.” She and her mother returned every winter for 3 more years.

Sharon was born in Phoenix to a loving family. She lived in New York, Rhode Island, Michigan, Los Angeles and Colorado. In second grade, she started singing in youth fellowship and fell in love with choral music. She worshiped under various denominations over the years: Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Methodist and the Disciples of Christ. “I’m in four choirs now!” she said. “I’m having the time of my life singing.”

After attending high school in Michigan, Sharon attended the University of Northern Colorado and worked as a university librarian from 1969 until she retired in 2006. “All my life I’ve been involved in peaceful demonstrations.” She cites her parents’ teachings of acceptance and love as a force that shaped her. “I have such a hard time understanding why people are prejudiced against others,” she said. She and her mother did not hesitate to embrace the people, the mission and the ministries of MCC San Diego.

Now Sharon enjoys engaging in Sunday worship online from her home in Fort Collins, Colorado. She appreciates that she can join the live service or watch at another time that is more convenient. During the height of the pandemic, she joined the after service Zoom Fellowship gatherings. It was important for her to feel connected and she expressed gratitude for the opportunities to do so with her San Diego church family. “I feel really involved even though I’m far away.
What does the future hold for Sharon? She has an exciting trip to Ireland coming up in June. She hopes to make it back to San Diego to worship with us in person once again down the road. “I just feel the love at MCC. The leadership is incredible, the pastors and Armond.“
For the light she shines into the world with her passion, support and through her gift of song, we honor Sharon Kunze with the 2022 Lovedy Gilbert Award.