Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Outreach: Noor’s Story

Noor’s story began on May 11, 2021 in Aleppo, Syria. She was 15 years old, and was about to take her 9th grade exams, which you must pass in order to enter high school in Syria. She was involved in a severe hit-and-run car accident when she was crossing the street and was immediately transported to the hospital where the doctors informed her family that she would not survive and that they needed to say their final goodbyes.

Her first miracle was simply staying alive.

The accident caused severe damage throughout her body, including bleeding in the spleen, damage to the lungs that made it difficult to breathe, a broken shoulder, broken left leg, internal bleeding in the pelvis; but the worst damage was to the broken joint in the left arm and a broken palm. She spent 20 days in critical condition in the ICU, then for two months she couldn’t walk because of the hairline crack in the pelvis.

Noor went through many unimaginably difficult phases and many surgeries. She lost so much weight, ending up at just 77 pounds at the age of fifteen. The surgeries took a toll on her family too, as her father had to pay for them all upfront. At a time when even buying bread is a burden, these big expenses overwhelmed the family. Noor’s father, as any father would, did anything he could to help his daughter get better. He continued to bear the financial strain that the surgeries put on him, combined with the emotional stress of seeing his daughter suffering for so many months. But now her father has found himself unable to continue to pay for the treatments that his daughter needs. Noor is still suffering from the joints in her arm a year later, because she put all of her weight on her arm during the accident. As a result, it has calcified around the joint because it had broken to pieces, and she stopped feeling movement in her fingers. At the moment, only the little finger can move with some dead nerves all through her arm. So Noor doesn’t feel pain in her shoulder or twitching.

The doctors have said that she absolutely needs to do a joint replacement surgery, which will cost 9,000,000 Syrian pounds (about $4,000 US dollars). This is an amount her father can’t even fathom coming up with, especially after spending the last year with hospital bills. We have a short time frame in which to complete a successful surgery; if it isn’t performed, she will lose all movement in her arm. Also, she is at an age where she is still growing, and since this affects her growth plate, she will have one arm longer than the other. Noor has also suffered greatly from bullying at school because she can’t move her arm normally. She failed her ninth grade exams and has not been able to move on to high school yet. These circumstances have affected her self esteem and have caused her to fall into a deep depression.

For eleven long years, Syria has been in the midst of a terrible war that has claimed millions of lives, displaced over 15 million people, and left the country in an economic crisis. People have been left scrambling to find just a morsel of food to quiet their hunger. Costs of even the most basic foods have skyrocketed, leaving Syrians in desperate situations every day. The average Syrian income per month is about 100,000 Syrian pounds, which is enough to provide food for less than a week. And if something as simple as securing food is such a hard weight to bear, imagine those afflicted with illness and placed in emergency situations—in many cases, the financial strain becomes too much to handle.

When her family found that they were unable to pay for this surgery in time, they lost hope. So they turned to Allah and prayed to him, asking for a miracle. And, in their own words, “Allah gave us a second miracle in the most beautiful way: through compassionate strangers who heard our story from across the world and felt compelled to help us.”

When our Heart of the Rockies friend, Radwan, heard this story, he immediately provided part of the fund needed for her surgery, and he promised to take care of all the rest of her medical bills during and after the surgery.

From Noor’s family:

“I cannot describe the joy and happiness of my family when we heard the news, and the happiness of Noor herself, all praise to Allah. Our tears of sadness had now become tears of joy.

“There are thousands of people in situations within Syria similar to Noor who are waiting for help. I can only pray that they are as blessed as we were, and that Allah gives them their relief in the best way. The generosity of people like you truly has the power to transform lives and renew hope for so many people. The thanks goes to Allah first, and to all who helped make this miracle possible by raising the funds needed for Noor’s surgery, bringing Noor back from the brink of death and giving her a new chance at a full life. My Lord make it all complete for us, and let us see Noor moving her arm normally like all of the girls around her.”

Noor has now undergone surgery, and funds are still needed. To support Noor and her family, Radwan is receiving donations for his “world’s best baklava.” Proceeds from these sales will be sent to Noor’s family. To place a baklava order, you can sign up in the church lobby or contact the church office at 970-223-1230 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.).