Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Adult Education | Disciples 1 Class

Class Specifics:
September 13, 2022-May 23, 2023 (there are breaks for holidays)
Tuesday Evenings-6:00-8:30
Sign up today here or in the lobby.

One foundation of faith is to explore and seek how, as Christians, we understand God, and how we are called into our own unique journey. Disciple 1 is for everyone from long time believers to new seekers. No
experience required! God did not create and then leave us on our own. God created and continues to create through His people in community. The Bible is one gift we have from past communities who asked the same questions and experienced the same broken world we now see. This class is not designed to tell, decide or judge if your understandings or beliefs are right or wrong; rather we discuss passages and stories for a deeper look at what each individual sees as Gods message. Stories are told of tragedy, great joy, loss, famine, family, travel, and teachings. Things all of us have or will experience. You are Invited, Wanted, and Welcome! Come just as you are!!


  1. Disciple 1 Study Manuel-$45.00: Couples are urged to each have their own Manuel. Scholarships to help with cost see Pastors Melissa, or Wendy.
  2. Good Study Bible- with commentaries, footnotes, maps etc. The New Interpreters Study Bible (NRSV) Wendy’s favorite); NIV Study Bible Revised Edition. It is recommended that you do not use a paraphrased bible or the King James. These are wonderful back up resources but much harder to use for class study.
  3. Notebook! You will have lots of notes and get some handouts so it is good to have a folder or notebook to easily add pages.