Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Heartside Hill Ground Blessing

(with bagels!)
Saturday, March 25
9 – 9:30 a.m.

Church, in celebration of our 30-year dream, you’re invited to gather with our Heartside Hill partners for a brief blessing of the undeveloped 9 acres on the northwest corner of Trilby and Lemay – the future home of Heartside Hill. Bagels (and coffee!) will be provided. An official ground-breaking will happen later this year.

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The most remarkable gift our church received when we were still a congregation-in-formation came from the Central Rocky Mountain Region: a promise to purchase property for the new church. Several sites were considered. By the end of 1993, regional leaders identified a 12-acre site (with 11 usable acres) on the northwest corner of Trilby Road and Lemay Avenue in the Brittany Knolls subdivision. The regional church purchased the property from the City of Fort Collins at a price of $181,500. 

From our inception, we’ve dreamed of using this land to serve not just ourselves but the wider community. From the first rudimentary drawings in a visioning session months before our first worship service in 1993 to the mid-2000s vision for SKYhill that was resurrected then retired in the late 2010s, we’ve believed that God’s dream for this land would one day be fulfilled.

In Heartside Hill, we believe that it is.

A blessing is not the invention of what is not there…Blessing is a more robust and grounded presence; it issues from the confident depth of the hidden self, and its vision and force can transform. When you bless someone (or something), you literally call the force of their infinite self into action.
– John O’Donohue

By blessing the ground that will be Heartside Hill’s home, we believe that–together with God–we will continue to realize what we already know to be true:
That these 9 acres will give life, bring wholeness, and inspire ours and future generations in what is possible when we collaborate to meet our neighbors’ deepest needs.