Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

2020 Stewardship Campaign

October 23, 2019

Hi, God’s Beloved.

From the time we begin our journey with Jesus, we have opportunities to say yes. We say yes at our baptism. We say yes when we claim a church home. We say yes when we take a meal to neighbor recovering from surgery. We say yes when we sit with friends after they get the bad news no one wants to hear. We say yes when we serve on a team or committee at church. We say yes when we share our gifts in worship, at the Sherwood House, or with Habitat for Humanity. Faith is full of invitations.

 Jesus invites us to bring all that we are and all that we have when we say yes to following after him. It is a sojourn that has the capacity to shape us in two significant ways: to form us more into the image of Christ through the practices of study, worship, prayer, service, and generosity; and to strengthen us in becoming powerful agents for the good God is doing in our world.

I see our congregation taking this journey seriously (even when we’re having fun!). As individuals and as a collective, we’re prayerful and intentional about the invitations that receive our yes. We’ve stepped out in faith to experiment with new styles of worship, leading to the creation of The Table (Tuesdays at 6 p.m. at the FoCo Café) and to adapting our Sunday morning worship. We’ve expanded our holy imaginations about how God might use our land to serve the community and meet our growing needs. We’ve dared greatly together, courageously learning what Jesus taught—that what the world sees as weakness can, in fact, be strength. We’re beginning to discern together God’s dream for how we express our welcome to all God’s people.

Through it all, we have been Woven Together by your remarkable generosity this year. You’ve sustained our abundant mission and ministry, putting us right on target with our ministry expenses and income even through the summer months. Wow!! We can’t wait to see how you choose to respond to God’s invitation in the year to come. We’re so grateful you entrust us with your good gifts. Thank you.

The enclosed narrative budget illustrates the value of our financial contributions. Take a moment to read some first-hand accounts of how we’re Loving God. Serving others. Changing lives. I invite you to then join me in prayerfully considering how you will include Heart of the Rockies in your giving commitments for 2020.

One of the things that weaves Ben and I together as a family is our shared value of generosity. While we each approach this a bit differently, together we give 10% of our income away each year. We’ve seen and felt how generosity changes lives—including our own. We’re grateful to those faithful ones who have modeled this for us along the way. Have we ever had to re-negotiate and re-navigate this commitment? Absolutely. It’s a journey. And it’s one that has humbled us repeatedly and taught us more about ourselves and about God along the way.

Grateful to be Woven Together with you into the tapestry of God’s love.


Melissa St. Clair, Pastor

Estimate of Giving | 2020 Stewardship Campaign