Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

2023 Stewardship Campaign

October 24, 2022

God’s Beloved—

If you’ve lived in more than one place in your life, you know that your heart has the capacity to grow in calling other places home. As Ben and I come up on our 10-year anniversary in Colorado, we’re discovering that although we have called other places home, even in our adult lives, this place has a mighty big piece of our hearts. Heart of the Rockies Christian Church is a significant part of that.

You’re receiving this mailing because we believe a part of your heart is here, too.       

Can you believe that 2022 marks the first year since 2019 that we’ve had the opportunity to worship, fellowship, study, and serve together entirely in-person? That’s not to say we haven’t continued to take advantage of all we’ve learned and leaned into with technology. In fact, we’ve seen our participation, particularly in worship and adult education, increase with our online options. Our Heart has grown because we’ve been able to expand the ways we do life and ministry together. Thanks, God!

This wouldn’t be possible without your consistent generosity. 2019, 2020, 2021, and—with a strong finish to the end of the year—2022, have all been years that we have been able to fully fund our mission and ministry. Even when the world has felt incredibly uncertain, you have been faithful in recognizing what God is doing in our midst and unfailingly supporting it. Thanks, Church!

The enclosed narrative budget illustrates the value of the financial contributions we receive each year. We’ve included some first-hand accounts of how you see us Loving God. Serving others. Changing lives. I’m proud that our 2022 stewardship campaign will not only include an invitation to make a financial commitment to the mission and ministry of our church; it will also be a chance to discern and make known the wide variety of gifts we have in this congregation that reflect our time and God-given talent. More on that to come!

Speaking from the heart—Ben and I commit to giving away at least 10% of our income each year. It’s a joy to give to a heart-place like Heart of the Rockies Christian Church because we love all of you, and we see what a church that truly loves God, each other, and their community can do. Hint: It’s far more than we could ever do on our own. We know what we give will be used faithfully and in a way that reflects our values—wherever it ends up…close by or far from home! Where are your heart-places? We’ll have a chance to share them in the coming weeks. I can’t wait!

Melissa St. Clair, Pastor

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:21

See our narrative budget for 2022-2023 by clicking here.

Estimate of Giving | 2023 Stewardship Campaign