Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Equal Exchange

Each month, Heart of the Rockies members and friends put their faith into action by purchasing and using fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate and snacks and by learning about how our consumer choices impact the global community. The Disciples of Christ Coffee Project, a partnership between the Disciples Home Missions, Week of Compassion and Equal Exchange, is a way for our congregation to join hands with small farming communities across the world.  Last year, congregations across the U.S. purchased over 634,557 pounds of fairly-traded products from Equal Exchange.  As a result, Equal Exchange contributed $107,000 to faith partners for their efforts to improve the lives of small farmers worldwide.

Through the Project, farmers receive fair prices for their crops, affordable credit and long-term trade relationships with a trading partner they can trust, Equal Exchange.  In addition, for every pound of fairly traded products Disciples order through the Project, Equal Exchange makes a donation to the Disciples Hunger Relief and Food Security Fund.

New this month–Equal Exchange organic chocolate bars are available for a new lower price!  The size of bars has been adjusted from 100g to 80g, as smaller bars have become more popular, so you may notice that they are slightly thinner–but still absolutely delicious!

Sales of products are typically offered on the first Sunday of every month.  Coordinators of Equal Exchange are Nancy and John Shaw, 493-0572.