Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Grocery Reward Programs

Over the years, Heart of the Rockies Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has reaped tens of thousands of dollars through the grocery reward programs of King Soopers and Safeway Grocery Stores! Thanks for your faithfulness and, for the rest of you, your willingness to participate. You can use the programs to purchase almost anything in the store: groceries, ski lift tickets, medicines, even your gas at the pump.

King Soopers Community Rewards (NOTE: Their program has changed.)

King Soopers has restructured their community reward card program. They will not be issuing new grocery rewards cards (all existing cards with balances will be honored), instead Loyalty Discount Cards can be linked to an organization of your choice. By linking your King Soopers loyalty card to Heart of the Rockies you will automatically be giving back to HRCC every time you scan your card or enter your registered phone number at checkout. The process of linking your Loyalty Card to HRCC is simple and can be completed online at any time. Click here to enroll, you will first have to sign in (or create an account). Click the link “Enroll Now” and enter the code PG142 or search for Heart of the Rockies Christian Church to be connected to our rewards account.

  • Cards carrying a monetary value are no longer needed. All existing cards with a balance will be honored but are not reloadable.
  • To be part of the new King Soopers program, which began approximately May 1, 2019, make sure to link your loyalty card to Heart of the Rockies.
  • Open your grocery loyalty number online account here and link it to Heart of the Rockies Christian Church.
  • Or get a loyalty card number online (www.kingsoopers.com) or at the customer service desk at any King Soopers or City Market.
  • You’ll need to link your number to Heart of the Rockies Christian Church.Find this option under the Community Rewards tab. Our new number (PG142) is listed under their website’s Faith-Based link.
  • If your card/membership is over ten years, you’ll need to get a new loyalty number.
  • At check-out all you’ll need to do is enter your ID/phone number when paying for your groceries.
  • This is a way to effortlessly contribute to the church’s ministry and mission.

Safeway Grocery Card

  • Currently there are no changes in the Safeway/Albertsons grocery card.
  • You’ll need a Safeway Grocery card, that is linked to the church’s account. To purchase a Safeway Grocery card, with check, cash or credit card, contact Ken & Joy Campbell.
  • Easily reloadable at the customer service counter before buying groceries.
  • Use your credit card to reload and rack up rewards on your credit card at the same time!

Last year alone, our congregation received over $4,000 from the two grocery chains!

Email Ken & Joy Campbell for more info.