Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Seasonal Action Leadership Teams

Our Seasonal Action Leadership Teams – SALT – are comprised of:

A small group of 6-8 people coming together to study the upcoming season’s scripture to:

  •  Identify a common thread and develop a theme to center us for the season.
  • To imagine what our ministry and mission will look like during that season woven together by that thread.
  • Each season is 6-8 weeks in length.

We’ll chart a course for the season’s shared worship, fellowship, study, and service. The time commitment is biggest up front:

  • A 3-4 hour small group time of Bible study and planning with our pastors, with each team then determining how they want to accomplish any further follow through.
  • Our SALT will partner with the following to ensure we’re working together toward our shared mission:
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Youth Ministry
    • Outreach Team
    • Property Team

Our biggest hope for this experimental model of ministry is to engage more people in deeper ways for the most impact. This engagement of our faith is discipleship. That’s who we’re called to be: Disciples of Christ.