Heart of the Rockies Christian Church in Fort Collins, CO

Our Funds

Ever wondered about the different ways our congregation gives?

We ask each individual and family to prayerfully consider how they wish to give to the church’s different pockets. Each pocket allows us to expand our mission & ministry and our witness to God’s love in the world. We’re grateful for each and every gift–a reflection of God’s generosity in our own lives.

General Fund

Gifts given to the General Fund support our everyday needs: staff, heating and cooling, ongoing ministries and programs, and other daily expenses. This includes outreach funds for local mission partners and to the Disciples Mission Fund (DMF). DMF funds regional and general church ministries and our higher education institutions. Each fall, our stewardship campaign culminates in a celebration of Estimates of Giving received for the upcoming year’s General Fund. Our Treasurer and Finance Team prepare our General Fund budget (line item and narrative) using input from our ministry leaders and staff–including insight from past years and hopes for the future. The Church Board approves this budget before it is presented for congregational approval.

Building Reserve Fund

Contributions to the Building Reserve Fund serve two purposes:

  • To fund building emergencies that are not included in the General Fund budget. Our Property Team works to address leaky roofs, water heater replacements, and other needs that arise unexpectedly.
  • To support future projects, knowing that the Next Big Thing for Heart of the Rockies is just around the corner.

Going forward, this fund will be supported by expanding the current fall stewardship campaign to include estimates of giving for the Building Reserve Fund. In the meantime, any gift designated for the Building Reserve Fund will be gratefully received. Your dollars multiply in generosity, as a portion of these funds are invested by the Finance Team with approval from the Church Board.

Memorial & Endowment Funds

Our Stewards work with the Christian Church Foundation to responsibly invest gifts given to each of our five endowment funds (totaling over $500,000) over the long-term. They also partner with families in honoring their loved ones through gifts given to our Memorial Funds in the short-term. Take a look at the book where the usher stands. You’ll see the generosity of friends and families who have given both types of gifts–all which allow us to creatively and courageously expand our ministry in ways beyond our current day-to-day programming.

Our Current Endowment Funds

Gifts of any size to any of the following funds will help build resources that will serve the church far beyond our present reach, funding the life and mission of Heart of the Rockies Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) into the future and strengthening the witness of generations to come. Interested in creating a new named fund? See the FAQs in Sustaining Hearts below and/or speak to one of our Stewards.

There are many ways to provide for the church’s mission and ministry, click here for these common ways.

General Endowment Fund: Earnings distributed annually: 5-15% spent according to the recommendations of the Finance Team; 35-45% designated to outreach ministries of our congregation; 50% applied to the retirement of outstanding debt on congregational properties. Click here to read the full story of this fund.

Henry J. & Pauline M. Armstrong Endowment Fund: Earnings designated for building maintenance and improvements. Click here to read the full story of this fund.

Growing Heart Endowment Fund: Allows the Church Board to use up to 25% of the fund’s value to provide for extraordinary needs, capital improvements, emergencies. Click here to read the full story of this fund.

The Hugh & Cristina Mahon Endowment Fund: To expand the witness and ministry of Jesus Christ allowing, in an extraordinary emergency, to spend a portion of the fund’s principal. Click here to read the full story of this fund.

The Sustaining Hearts Endowment Fund: Repository for gifts which are intended, but have not yet met the requirements, to become named endowments. Earnings are used to expand the church’s witness and mission. Click here to read a description of the fund & frequently asked questions.

The Sarah J & Orville L Wright Mission Endowment Fund: Earnings are designed to support the outreach mission of Heart of the Rockies Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Northern Colorado and throughout the world. Click here to read the full story of this fund.

The David & Kay Hartley Endowment Fund: Earnings are designed to help sustain the mission of the Heart of the Rockies Christian Church. Click here to read the full story of this fund.

The Leland (Lee) J. and Patricia (Pat) A. Hendrie Endowment Fund: The primary purpose of Lee & Pat Hendrie Endowment Fund is to expand the witness and mission of Jesus Christ in the world, serving human needs in our community and around the world. Click here to read the full story of this fund.

Over & Above Gifts

We are blessed by every gift given to Heart of the Rockies, including one-time gifts over and above our regular giving for special needs and opportunities, like landscaping, staff Christmas gift, the Harvest of the Heart community garden, youth camps and mission trips, and our music program.